By Adimchinobi Onyenso


The continued excellent performances of Abia State students in external examinations are not just a happenstance, rather an evidence of strategic planning and effective implementation.

It could be recalled that the State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had, during the formation of his cabinet, shopped for ingenious hands and veterans in the education sector and came out with one of the best brains, in Prof. Ikechukwu Mgbechi, a Canadian based lecturer, who superintended over the affairs of the State’s Education Ministry.

Consequently, the government went further to making education one of the cardinal pillars of its developmental praxis and objectives. Such out of-the-box thinking, coupled with effective democratic managerial approach as well as innovative planning has in no small means rubbed off on these successes.

The government’s approach towards ensuring it maintains these lofty height of developmental and transformational government has resulted in fixing of dilapidated educational infrastructures for seamless learning process. Moreover the government has continued building new educational structures in all ivory towers centers of the State.

Interestingly, the Abia State University, under the leadership of Prof. Uche I. Ikonne, is one of the recipient as series of infrastructural developments projects are built.

1. There is the renovation of the Senate building of the State University to international standard and upon completion, shall be fitted with state of the art facilities and amenities.

2. The Vice-Chancellors Official Residence, Ebenezer Lodge is equally been renovated to a reasonable standard.

3. Completion of renovation work in all students Emergency Hostel, including Sam Mbakwe hostel in Uturu location to ease off some recent challenges met by students due to spoilage is been done.

4. Today, the completion and habitation of Aglon Hostel, which was started in 2002 but later abandoned has been achieved.

5. There is also the construction and renovation of road network, hostels and classroom buildings in Umuahia location of the university for studies facilitation and ease off movements.

6. There is an ongoing construction of Medical Students Hostel, which in nearing completion.

7. An ongoing Pathology laboratory Building, which on completion will provide accommodation for Microbiology, Chemical Pathology, Hematology and Pharmacology students and so on.

8. Procurement and installation of a brand new 65KVA generating set for students hostel in Aba location of the university was done.

9. There is an ongoing construction of ultramodern 600 capacity hostel in uturu location.

10. There is the renovation an equipping of the Biochemistry department laboratory with sophisticated equipment.

11. Establishment of an Accounting Laboratory in the Department of Accountancy.

12. There is the connection of the university to national electricity power. (National Grid) etc, though the list is endless.

Abia State has also earmarked huge sum from its coffers for the renovation and building of the primary and secondary structure as well as equip them with the State of the instructional materials.

These above stated projects and successes of the current Administration, marshaled by our visionary Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu further places the state at a more educationally advantaged position. And going forward, mutatis mutandis, the students of the state shall continue to burgeon academically among their contemporaries in other states and also remain a knowledge based, most competitive and most appealing manpower in the Labour market.

To be continued……

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