It is not out of place for the electorate to set standards of performance for their leaders. Most importantly in a democratic setting that mandates leaders to be answerable to the masses.

Inarguably, there are myriad of hydra-headed challenges that expectedly are a threat to the well-being of the people viz: ineffective institutions, decayed infrastructure and social amenities, hence a purposeful, responsive and insightful leadership becomes the panacea to these problems.

Normally, during electioneering campaigns, candidates and their political parties present their manifestos to sway voters to their side, the stark reality is that after politicking and elections are over, their is an utmost need for the elected to settle down for the serious business of governance. It is then that people’s needs, expectations and income flow of the government of the day are considered side by side.

Even economics as a field of study, asserts that “resources are limited, while human needs are unlimited or insatiable”, in view of this, it highly incontrovertible, that inadequate resources are prevalent in almost all spheres of human endeavours and presently, Abia State government is not exempted.

According to Abraham Lincoln, former America’s president, when he won a hard fought presidential election, sorrunded  by a knot of reporters, he opined, “your troubles are over, mine has just begun”. That means a leader invariably should wear the thinking cap, be poised to tackle pressing socioeconomic challenges etc.

That has been the posture of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu since he assumed the position of the “Chief servant” of the  State, he has always sought to solve  Abia’s problems in one fell swoop, but it’s actually unattainable “if wishes were horses”, there’s no doubt the reality that the rot he inherited was mind blowing and coupled with State institutions that was bleeding from serial mismanagement, hence serious reforms was inevitable.

With about 4000 thousand impassable roads in Aba alone, Governor Ikpeazu has completed well over 31 roads in Aba, and 41 in total across Abia, with about 73 other roads under construction. For the first-time, in Abia State, a fly over is under speedy construction by a reputable construction giant, red letter achievements has been recorded by the government of the day within a short time.

The Governor Ikpeazu’s era has hitherto brought sanity in the business of governance, the “Due process office” pry into all government contracts, evaluate the costs in a bid to check inflation of contract sums and other frauds.

The Abia civil service is also captured in the wind of ground rooted reforms, it is no more a secret that there are so many discrepancies inherent in the State’s civil service, hence the need to cleanse her for optimal performance. This present administration has nipped it in the board, initiating biometric verification and other strategies aimed at stopping the fraudulent and thievish  fellows from fleecing our State of her lean resources.

It is on record now that our dear State has good image both within and outside the shores of this great nation, our inherent capabilities are been activated and projected by no mean person than Governor Ikpeazu. The fact is that this present administration is on course of leaving Abia a better place that she met it. One that every Abian will be proud to say “I am an Abian”.

It’s so pathetic when some notable Abia youths, instead of encouraging all hands to come to the table to help make Abia better, preach disunity and call for what they term ‘agitation for good governance’, and I am tempted to ask, what does good governance mean to them?

Governor Ikpeazu has introduced intellectualism in governance.

If, after reading this piece and the one captioned “Intellectualism and Governance in Abia State: A Case Study of Dr. Ikpeazu Administration”, which I will post tomorrow, and you still think and profess that Governor Ikpeazu has done nothing, then I will conclude that you either belong to the crop of people who have concluded that the only time they will see anything good in Abia will be after their personal interests are satisfied rather than the interest of the majority of Abians or that you share the same ideology with those who have chosen to be ignorant.

Together, let’s help our amiable Governor, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, to make Abia better for all of us.


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