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‘My husband takes care of his Mother than our kids’

A mother of two has taken to social media to lament how her husband takes care of his mother than their children.

She said:

I don’t know if i am the one taking this issue so important, I have been married for four years now with two kids, now this is the issue…when i met my husband, we court for two years  before we got married, when we just met, I noticed he doesn’t use to go see his parent, I asked him why, he said his mom’s wahala is too much, I told him his mother would always remain his mom and i took him back home and he reunited with his family.

Since we got married i now understand why my husband ran away from his mom, my Mother in-law use to consume money like hubby is plucking it on the tree, my hubby use to take care of his mom, dad, and siblings very well that he bought a trailer for his dad for 7million naira, he paid 2m and they said he should be paying d rest instalmentally ,so my FIL flew away with this for good 2yrs wen their agreement is that he should be working with this trailer and be giving this people the money gradually and still feed d home without them disturbing their son for money again.

my mother inlaw works, and she is collecting salary ,but if their cooking gas got finished, they will call hubby to come fill it, he is the one paying their rent, paying two siblings school fee at d university ,now I don’t enjoy my husband’s money, he gives to his mom than me and my kids. i have called him severally abt this thatt where those he expect me to get money from to take care of the kids,d home nd myself,he still gives us money but not compared to how his mom use to collect huge amount from him every week, i sold some of my belongings recently because my husband was so broke and he said after he gets money he will get them back for me. my husband is owing me close to 1m wen i was working, now he is not talking about d money which is not even my own issue but ds tins i sold are important to me cos my wedding ring is part of it, two days ago, my husband sent his mom 200k wen my own things have gone, like i dnt get,i asked him ,he said he has to sort his mom first like i dont get o. This s woman can’t borrow herson 10k wen we had problems, this woman didn’t come to check her son at d cell for good 11days he was at d police custody for a case he doesnt knw anytin abt ,myself and my own family stood up for him ,spent money and my mother in law said she doesnt av any money.

Please what should I do?


Credit: BOM


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