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Abia, the Speaker and the Remodeled House of Assembly: Why it Matters?

Abia, the Speaker and the Remodeled House of Assembly: Why it Matters?

In every work environment, ambience and safety are among the few motivational factors for optimum productivity of not just staff, but clients and visitors as well. The better the ambience and the safer the environment, the more people’s confidence to do business in that environment grows leading to maximum output of the organisation and greater service to the people/clients.

Knowing full well that Abians need an Assembly from where they can get the most from their Representatives in terms of quality legislation, the Speaker put machinery in motion for the renovation of the Abia State House of Assembly. The importance of this renovation to the productivity level of the people’s representatives cannot be overemphasized because a comfortable and safe environment has direct impact on productivity, and vice versa.

For example, on July 24, in a sister state, a snake was reported to have crept out from the Assembly’s chamber and caused those present to scamper for safety even as the Assembly’s ceilings caved in the next day while Plenary was said to be going on. It was also reported that water usually drops in the chamber when it rains. This ugly development led to an avoidable altercation between the executive and the legislature as there were accusations and counter accusations over who was responsible for the situation.

While we show understanding to that sister state and hope they get things fixed quickly, we are fortunate in Abia that we have a visionary, inspiring, humane and committed Speaker in Rt Hon Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji MNSE who is working in partnership with a performing and people-centric Governor in Dr Okezie Ikpeazu who has equally demonstrated enormous capacity for cooperating and collaborating with other arms of government in delivering the best to Abians everywhere.

This has brought about the New House of Assembly in Umuahia, renovated to world class standard and equipped with modern fittings. The Speaker recognizes the fact that the Assembly is the people’s Assembly, it behooves on him therefore to ensure that it is brought to a standard that all Abians can truly be proud of, where reptiles cannot make their homes or termites ever make their fortress.


To demonstrate that it is not just about the building but also effective representation, just within 36 days of being in office, the Speaker has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to issues concerning the people. Some MDAs under the Assembly’s investigation have shown commitment to improve while others have actually shown some level of improvement in their operations and service to the people. Following motions moved in the House, the people of Isu clan in Arochukwu LGA have started receiving both federal and State government attention following border clashes with neighbours from Cross River State that recorded casualties and displaced many. Within the 36 days period preceding the Assembly’s annual recess, the Assembly finally passed the Abia State House of Assembly Service Commission in line with what is obtainable at the national level where a similar Bill was passed into Law since the year 2000. After then, only few States have been able to muster the political will to pass such an important Bill, described as one having the singular capacity to strengthen democratic practices, into law. The Speaker’s Direct Touch Initiative has empowered not only individuals but also whole communities.

So when one sees the new look Abia State House of Assembly, it is only a reflection of Mr Speaker’s overriding desire to create ambience and improve facilities for the people everywhere he finds himself and beyond. It is beyond just a building; it is a statement of class and mission from where issues of life concerning Abians will not only be positively formulated but also delivered.


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