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How engineer Jude Igwemezie got juicy railway contract in Iraq after being frustrated in Nigeria

-The Nigerian engineer, trained in Canada, is handling a project that was described a vital one to the country’s transport system

– Igwemezie said that getting contract in Iraq was easier for him unlike how he had to lobby for months in Nigeria for just an MoU

Another Nigerian, Jude Igwemezie, has achieved great feat on the international scene as he won a whopping $500 million contract for the construction of rail lines in Iraq.

Igwemezie is the head of TransGlobim International, the engineering company that the contract was awarded to.

According to The Boss Newspaper, the Nigerian engineer received his training in Canada and is well known in the engineering world.

The train project is very significant to the country as it would be covering a very big place in the city of Najaf and has been described a very good transport system.

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In another interview with another newspaper, he said the project will be finished in about three years which will be done in two different phases.

Igwemezie said that the first part of the project will involve segment like design, construction and operation of the system to be deployed, while the second part will focus on the extension to Najaf airport.

The Nigerian said unlike in Nigeria where he was in conversation with government officials for many months, getting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with Iraqi officials it only took two months.

On his frustration to make inroad into the Nigerian market, he said: “As a Diaspora person, I kept coming back, knocking, to help Nigeria. On the other hand I can’t knock forever.”


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