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Ikpeazu and the tenacity of purpose: The Agbazuere example

Governance like madness, is not a sickness for children. Hate or love Ikpeazu, he has continued to demonstrate that he has vision of where he is headed while tackling the very many challenges of governing Abia, a State with its fair dose of pain and pleasure. Ikpeazu is assembling partners with raging steam of valour, men and women who have the capacity to change the story, skew the graph of development; leveraging on their wealth of experience.

No matter how incurable your level of pessimism, no matter how indifferent you feel about the seeming slow yet very steady progress Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D had made thus far, you must appreciate that the governor has extracted confidence from individuals with robust tenacity of purpose. These are men who are aware that it takes more than luck to make a mark in life.

Search no further! Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe, Dr. Aham Uko, Prof. Ikechi Mgbeoji, Dr. Kck Nwangwa, Bob Ogu, ihediwa; Dr. Solomon Ogunji and John Okiyi Kalu just to mention but a few will not do any worse than they had done in their previous personal and public engagements. They represent a clearly thought out decision to make Abia work for the good of all classes and interests.

The recent appointment of Dr ACB Agbazuere as Chief of Staff to the Governor is a mind blowing surplusage. In fairness to truth, Agbazuere; a foremost constitutional lawyer, human rights activist, brilliant University Don, selfless labour leader, community leader and champion of native intelligence, in my mind is Ikpeazu’s unleashing of comprehensive onslaught on expedited development.

Put in another way, the man Ikpeazu appointed as his Chief of Staff is eminently qualified and possesses the unlimited charisma to function as a buffer, sounding board for ideas, behind the scene arbitrator and most importantly as the Governor’s priceless Confidante.

Make no mistakes about it. Ikpeazu has sought for people who are determined to succeed. He has served everyone notice that in the coming months challenges that seemed intractable, projects that look too gigantic to surmount, welfare that look undeliverable, peace and security that seem impossible to sustain and the promise of an Abia that looks better than yesterday will happen in record time.

While I congratulate Agbazuere, I urge him to keep his eyes steady on the prize, for he is a famed element of Ikpeazu’s demonstration of tenacity of purpose.

Ikpeazu and his team will succeed. Abia will hit the zenith of it’s best.

Ben Udechukwu

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