The funeral service and burial of Late Nze Joseph Azubuike Opah took place on 24 December, 2021 with the remains of Late Nze Opah “Aka-ekpechi Onwa 1” of Umunna Nsulu leaving the Madonna Hospital Mortuary Aba Road Umuahia en-route Mbubu Nsulu for lying-in-state in the country home of the departed.

Again, Chief Eric Opah displayed his excellent taste by enlisting the services of #APAMS Funeral Homes, one of the finest funeral homes in the world. APAMS lived up to its reputation of being a leader in the funeral service industry, providing Chief Eric Opah and his family with a meaningful way of preserving the special memories and paying tribute to their dearly departed father, Late Nze Joseph Azubuike Opah.

It was such a breath-taking sight to behold the parade, funfair, and grandeur which accompanied the arrival of the remains of Late “Aka-ekpechi Onwa 1” of Umunna Nsulu ancient kingdom, into his hometown, Mbubo Nsulu. The entourage also consisted of dignitaries, family members, relatives, friends, well-wishers, and the good people of Abia state. There were several canivalistic display of grandeur. The parade of guards, musical show, and horse riding heralded his entrance to his maternal home for his final visit where he was welcomed as a grandson by the elders and the community of Mbubu Nsulu.

The elders, men, women, and youths received his remains at the Obo-Ogu Hall and Event Center. Once and again, Late Nze’s community development spirit was praised. Elder Vincent Olugele added that the native name of the departed was befitting. Indeed he lived up to his name, ‘Azubike’, meaning; Strength, as he left behind a celebration of strength. He described his native name as befitting, suggesting that his late father may have been a prophet to have given him the title, ‘Azubuike’, as what he was leaving behind was a celebration of strength.

Elder Mbuko Okechukwu, the Councilor representing Umunna Ward 2, noted that the soul of his late father was blessed and wished farewell as he continued his journey into the great beyond.

Eric Opah, the Chief mourner of the Opah family and astute entrepreneur alongside other members of the Opah family, welcomed the remains of Late Nze Joseph Azubuike Opah back to his Opah/Okorie ancestral compound. The corpse was laid in-state for the final respects and then proceeded to Mbubu Community Primary School Field, Umunna Nsulu Isiala Ngwa North LGA, the funeral service venue.

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