Political Shakeup in Abia as Ikpeazu Allies Shift Allegiance to APC

Wave of High-Profile Defections Hits PDP, Signalling a New Political Era in Abia State.


In a move that has sent ripples through the political establishment in Abia State, key allies of the former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, alongside several influential political figures, have formally exited the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and joined the ranks of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The defection, occurring amidst preparations for an imminent APC zonal caucus meeting, signifies a considerable shift in the state’s political alignment and has sparked controversies and speculations regarding the future political trajectory of Abia State.


The high-profile defectors include Anthony Agbazuere, the Chief of Staff to the former governor; Eze Chikamnayo, a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy; Chimezie Okoronkwo, who represented Abia in the Niger Delta Development Commission; and several former commissioners from various departments, underlining the magnitude of the shift. This strategic move was announced during an APC stakeholders’ meeting convened in Isuochi, Abia State, by the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, along with the National Welfare Secretary of the APC, Hon. Donatus Nwankpa.


This political realignment comes on the heels of rumoured strategic meetings among PDP members, allegedly aimed at either wresting control from the current Labour Party government in Abia State or formally aligning with the APC. The defection has thus been interpreted as a prelude to potential further defections, including that of former Governor Ikpeazu himself, a move that would dramatically alter the political landscape of Abia State.


The APC has welcomed the new members with open arms, with National Welfare Secretary, Hon. Donatus Nwankpa, expressing optimism about the influx of former PDP members into the APC fold. According to Nwankpa, this development is seen as a testament to the growing perception of the APC as a viable alternative capable of driving not only political ambitions but also the much-needed change in the state.


This mass defection, described by Nwankpa as part of a “political revolution,” is expected to fortify the APC’s position in Abia State, bringing invaluable experience, followership, and a renewed commitment to address the state’s challenges. The move is being touted as a step towards integrating Abia State into the national political dialogue, with the defectors affirming their belief in the APC’s capacity to solve the state’s persistent problems and drive development.


As the political narrative in Abia State continues to evolve, these defections mark a critical juncture, potentially heralding a new era of governance and political alignment that could reshape the state’s future trajectory.



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