Bobrisky Jailed for Six Months Over Currency Mishandling

Nigerian Transgender Celebrity Receives Jail Sentence for Publicly Spraying Money at an Event


In a recent court ruling that has ignited controversy, Bobrisky, one of Nigeria’s most recognisable figures, has been ordered to serve her sentence in a male prison for her involvement in a celebration at a film premiere where she was found “spraying” naira notes – casting them into the air. Although this act is a popular sign of appreciation at Nigerian weddings and parties, it breaches laws designed to prevent the mishandling of the national currency, which could result in the notes being trodden upon and damaged.

The judge’s decision has attracted attention not only because of the offence itself but also due to the requirement that Bobrisky, a transgender woman, must serve her sentence in a male prison. This detail underscores the broader issues concerning the treatment and recognition of LGBTQ+ individuals in Nigeria, where rights groups have reported frequent discrimination and harassment.

This case echoes a February incident in which Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin, a cisgender, heterosexual actress, received a similar sentence for the same offence. Despite this, the enforcement of this particular law has been rare, with Bobrisky herself stating during her trial that she was unaware of the ban.

The sentencing has sparked debates over the consistency of legal repercussions in Nigeria and the treatment of LGBTQ+ community members under the law.



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