Harrowing Attack on Nigerian Dancer in the UK

Korra Obidi Recovers from Knife and Acid Assault During Live Stream


Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi, a renowned dancer and content creator, is recovering from a distressing incident in the United Kingdom. Obidi faced a violent attack involving a knife and acid while she was conducting a live stream earlier this week. The assault left her in severe pain, struggling to mitigate the burning effects of the acid on her skin.

In a distressing video posted on her Instagram page, Obidi can be heard pleading for Coca-Cola to alleviate the burning sensation on her face. The video captures her desperate attempts to wash her face with the soft drink. Uniformed officers are seen in the footage providing immediate assistance, with one applying a soothing solution to her face and another administering first aid on her back.

During this traumatic ordeal, Obidi called upon her followers for support, urging anyone with information about the attack to come forward. She described the attacker as a black female approximately five feet tall. In her video caption, Obidi expressed that she had previously been the subject of hateful comments and that this physical assault served as a stark wake-up call.

This distressing incident has sparked concern and outrage among her fanbase and the wider public, highlighting the dangers that public figures can face, even in seemingly safe environments.



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