Federal Government and Afreximbank Forge Partnership for Nnewi Auto Industrial Park Development

A groundbreaking collaboration aims to revitalize Nigeria's automotive sector through substantial financial investment and resource provision for the Nnewi Auto Industrial Park project.


The Nigerian automotive industry is poised for a transformative leap with the announcement of a collaborative effort between the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) and the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) towards the development of the Nnewi Auto Industrial Park. This initiative aims to consolidate the manufacturing and assembly of automotive components, vehicles, and related products within a centralized hub, addressing long-standing challenges faced by parts manufacturers in Nigeria.

During a recent visit to Afreximbank’s Regional Chief Operating Officer, Eric Intong, NADDC Director-General Joseph Osanipin articulated the vision behind the Nnewi Auto Industrial Park. Osanipin underscored the park’s potential to rejuvenate the automotive sector, highlighting its capacity to foster a sustainable ecosystem for innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity.

Eric Intong, representing Afreximbank, expressed enthusiasm for the project, affirming the bank’s commitment to a productive partnership. This collaboration is expected to provide not only funding but also additional resources necessary for the comprehensive planning, development, and execution of the park.

The initiative comes at a crucial time for Nigeria’s auto financing landscape, which has been marred by considerable challenges, including limited access to vehicle loans for middle-class individuals. While firms like Autochek, along with various banks such as FirstBank of Nigeria and Access Bank, have made strides in offering auto loans, the stringent criteria and limited loan options remain significant hurdles for many potential car buyers.

The Nnewi Auto Industrial Park represents a strategic effort to surmount these obstacles, aiming to stimulate significant advancements in the automotive sector. By enhancing the production capabilities and fostering innovation within the industry, the partnership between NADDC and Afreximbank is set to chart a new course for economic development and position Nigeria at the forefront of automotive manufacturing and assembly on the African continent.



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