Ukraine has reiterated Russia’s plans to carry out a terrorist attack by deploying chemical weapons in the ongoing war.

The Defence Attache to the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria, Colonel Andrii Vasyliev, disclosed that Ukraine has evidence that Russia plans to use chemical weapons in the ongoing war.

Vasyliev disclosed this while addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday.

He revealed that chemists were detected among Russian troops deployed to Ukraine.

According to Vasyliev: “Another confirmation of Russia’s preparations for a chemical attack against Ukraine has been found.

“The presence of chemists was detected in the occupation contingent of the Russian Federation. Among the large number of received documents of the Russian military, the certificate of the officer of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of narrow profile specialization named Aftayev Alexander Viktorovich was found.

“Before his death in Ukraine, Aftayev served in 21222 military unit – the Federal Office for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons in the city of Penza. And before serving in the army, he graduated from the Saratov Military Institute of Biological and Chemical Safety.

“The documents may indicate that Russia is preparing a terrorist attack against Ukraine with the use of chemical weapons.”

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