By Jude Ndukwe
Since his well-deserved loss at the 2015 polls, Alex Otti of the fragmented All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, and a factional gubernatorial candidate of the party, has become so disillusioned that in his incurable desperation for the coveted Abia State Government House, he has abandoned the finesse and decency which the noble banking profession once bestowed upon him, and has embarked on a spree of ill-advised crudeness, base insults, outright falsehood, unwarranted scurrilous attacks on leaders and people of Abia, and threats of violence on everyone including himself.
Since the graduation of Alex Otti’s political fortunes from “dwindling” to “diminished”, the man has only managed to clutch on to anything including sophistry just to manage to stay afloat. It has since become his stock in trade to imagine violence against himself and go ahead to actually execute it all in his desperate but facile bid to paint the Abia State government in bad light.
Otti has actually insulted and riled every leader and the masses in Abia State at every slight opportunity to the extent that he is now afraid of even his own shadow. Just recently, he boasted that he “no be gentleman again ooo… I have dropped the garb of gentility” and claimed like a tyrant that he has fast become even without power that he was going to come to Abia State with “red eye”. In one of his most infamous essays titled “Politics of Blood(y) Tonic”, and as always, Otti had roundly insulted Abia elders, leaders and founding fathers, both living and dead, including religious, traditional, political and leaders of foremost socio-cultural associations etc, calling them repugnantly disrespectful names.
It will also be recalled that during the 2015 election campaigns, this same Otti whose name is now synonymous with deceit, careless and callous bickering, had claimed a non-existent assassination attempt on his person, but up till tomorrow there is no police report on such an attempt, and, in fact, there can never be because there was none other than the one that existed as a political gimmick only in the jaundiced imagination of this political Lilliputian.
Today, Alex Otti is repeating the same scenario having realized that he has opened his mouth too widely and rabidly, to the extent that he is now afraid of even his own shadow.
The fact of the matter is that those close to Otti should immediately check him in to a psychiatric facility for proper assessment as the spirits of our founding fathers whom he has roundly insulted might be behind his recent hallucinations. Or better still, he should be advised against doing himself any harm by executing a phantom assassination attempt on himself just to vainly curry the people’s sympathy.
He should be reminded that having been abandoned by thousands of APGA members who have seen through his politics of infantilism, his resort to setting his shadow against himself and turning around to cry wolf where there is none as a way of keeping himself in the news, is stale, ludicrous and asinine.
The truth is that the Abia State governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, cannot condescend so low as to allow himself to be distracted from the good works he is doing in Abia by the antics of an anthill who is also at best nothing but a political pinweight desperate for attention having lost relevance.
Let it be stated clearly that Abians are well aware of Alex Otti’s plans to cause mayhem in Abia State and then turn around to blame it on others. We wish to place all Abians particularly the security agents on notice, that we will not tolerate any act of brigandage or political thuggery from anyone irrespective of status or political affiliation. Anyone who is planning to unleash mayhem either on himself or the good people of Abia should better have a rethink because such a person will certainly have him/herself to blame as we shall bring down the full weight of the law against him/her.
When Alex Otti is eventually cured of his hallucinations, and he decides to report his own attack and assassination attempt on himself and his allies to the security agents, he should also not forget to mention the three principal and only suspects involved in the plan: himself, his conscience and his shadow!
He should quit his political disingenuousness and embrace his assured defeat at every level once again!
-Chief Sir Jude Ndukwe, Ochomma Oha 1 of Okwulaga Afaraukwu, KSJI

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