Alex Otti took part in wrecking Abia treasury – Chikwe Udensi


A factional Governorship Candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia State, Sir Chikwe Udensi, has alleged that Dr. Alex Otti was intimately involved in the wrecking of the treasury and mismanagement of funds belonging to Abia state government before 2015 when Governor Ikpeazu emerged.
Udensi made the statement on Tuesday during a live radio program, ‘Open Parliament’ monitored in Umuahia.
Reacting to a question on good governance, Udensi said: “I’m surprised that those who facilitated those bad loans (referring to loans by past administrations) that were given to government are those who are now criticizing the same people. Some people took part in making sure that previous administrations got all kinds of frivolous loans. Some banks were in charge of our FAAC Account and some Abians were involved in dishing out the loans and personally smiling to the bank. I don’t want to go into details of matters like this on radio but you know the bank and individual I am referring to. You and I know that the account of Abia state was domiciled to a bank. That bank was in charge of the account of Abia especially the ones that came from federal allocation. That bank took part in making sure that the distribution of Money for Abia went to different places and we know who was in charge.
“Not only the previous administrations violated the accounts and funds of Abia. Somebody took part in doing that. A bank was collecting the funds. You cannot effectively do these fraudulent transactions without a Bank and its key officials collaborating.
“The current Governor is not getting as much as others got from the federal allocation account before him. What I am saying is that he can do more but I recognize that he has performed better than others before him.”
Udensi maintained that he remains the sole Governorship candidate of APGA in Abia State even as he admitted that his candidacy will be determined by the court.
Chief Udensi who addressed himself as a security expert and Interpol consultant praised the government for the security in the state, especially the reduction in incidents of kidnapping, also alleged that reports from crime desks at divisional police offices indicate that 25 rape cases occur daily in Umuahia.

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