Jesus has been appearing to me for years –Reverend Sister


AS CHRISTIANS all over the world celebrate Easter, a nun, Reverend Sister Emmanuel, has revealed her encounters with Jesus Christ.

The nun, who bears two male names, Emmanuel Emmanuel, because, according to her, “Catholic Sisters answer male names,” said for years Jesus Christ has been appearing and giving her divine messages.

Reverend Sister Emmanuel’s world is interesting. As a habit, her hair is always covered, while she ties a rosary around her left wrist and holds a small crucifix in her right hand. She blesses you with the crucifix when you meet her.

The nun wears no make-up at all. She lives a simple life. In fact, she is not worldly in every material particular. She denies her life every atom of comfort or luxury. For instance, she sleeps on a wooden bench without pillow and, during the Lenten season, she sleeps on the floor using a piece of stone to lift her head. Again, she has removed all the cushions on her chairs.

In a chat with Daily Sun at the Marian Centre in Imo State, the nun said Jesus Christ appears to her frequently. She also said she has seen the Virgin Mary on a number of occasions.

According to her, she experienced the first divine visitation as a student in the United States in 1979.

Your name is Emmanuel, which is strange for a woman in this part of the world. Why are you called Emmanuel?

I’m called Emmanuel because Catholic Sisters answer male names. I am a victim soul, a mystic and a seer; that means a visionary, and I’m a nun, that is, a Reverend Sister. I’m a professed religious sister of a special monastic order. I am also the end of time Mary our Lord Jesus Christ revealed and gave the new name Emmanuel. And Jesus calls me Victorious Emmanuel. I am originally from Ubulu Ihejiofor in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State.

We learnt that Jesus appears to you. Can you explain this?

Jesus Christ has appeared to me consecutively for many years. It started on the New Year eve of 1979. I was in my room at the university compound in the United States, about midnight, when it started. That night, some Nigerian students told me that they were going for a party in Detroit and they wanted me to join them. I said no because I had heard that that city was big and I didn’t want violence on a New Year. So, I didn’t know that God had a different plan for me.

At midnight, my room was flooded with baby angels. They were all over my bed. Wherever I turned, I saw them. I managed to lie on the bed, facing up. I didn’t know that Jesus was there, facing me. He was floating on the air, near the ceiling. I was alarmed and wanted to phone the priest that conducted mass for us at the chapel but it was too late. So, I waited till morning and after mass on New Year morning, I told him. He explained it as much as he could. Then I returned to Nigeria to do my youth service corps programme.

After my National Youth Service Corps programme, the apparitions continued. But what I think is important is to receive the message of Christ. I don’t want to be heard by people. I live a humble life, a monastic life.

Is Jesus a white or black man? Or does He come in form of a white man or black man?

That’s a good question. Jesus is God, who took flesh. He can appear in any form. He can appear in light skin or any other skin colour.

So, which colour does he appear to you?

What happens is that when He appears to you, His divinity will consume you more than any other thing. Whatever He wants you to know, your attention will be focused on that. I think sometimes, the skin will be light, other times it will be lighter.

How does Jesus appear to you? Is it when you are sleeping or do you see Him while awake?

Have you watched television before? When you watch television, are you awake or asleep? When Jesus wants to appear to you, you will be awake when He will appear. He appears to me when I’m awake. Sometimes, he can wake me from sleep and give me a message. Most of the time He appears to me when I’m awake.

How do you feel after an encounter with Jesus? Is there any physical difference?

I feel happy after every encounter. You will feel the presence; you will recollect yourself. You will be quiet for sometime to absorb the message given. Sometimes, when I pray, He will talk to me on the altar of the Sacred Heart here.

What kind of messages does He give you whenever He appears to you?

They are urgent end-of-time message of repentance and salvation, which our Lord Jesus had even warned His Church, that is, the Roman Catholic Church, the priests, the pope and the whole world.

We also heard that Mary appears to you. How true is this?

Yeah she appears to give complementary message, to make up the messages given by her son and to encourage me.

Did you go to the United States to study as a nun?

I went there as an ordinary student; I became a nun when I came back to Nigeria. But the most important thing is the message.

When were you called?

I was consecrated in August 1989.

What did you study abroad and what is the name of the school you attended there?

I studied Education/Biology for my first course and I minored in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. But these things are not important. The message of God is more important than all these things.

Were you trained by the church?           

I was a private student.

How did your parents receive it when you wanted to become a nun?

The important thing now is to receive God’s messages. Well, my parents received the news and my father blessed me even though I’m the only daughter of my parents. I have four brothers.

Are your parents still around?

Jesus told me to publish His messages, not my biography.

What is Marian Centre all about?

Marian Centre is a monastery and pilgrimage centre. It is an office of the kingdom of heaven instituted by our Lord Jesus Chris the saviour in honour of His most holy mother, Mary Immaculate, for the purpose of crushing the Devil and preparing souls for heaven. Jesus said that Marian Centre is a Catholic prayer ministry of the Holy Spirit. He said it is a holy family, a Eucharistic adoration family. It is, perhaps, the end-of-time Rome.

What is your relationship with the Catholic Church? Are you still a nun with them?

A nun is a nun forever.

When you told the church that Jesus was appearing to you, what was the reaction?

We are not interested in reactions. We give messages of God and people take it or leave it because it is for their own good if they take it. And it is to their detriment if they don’t. So, we don’t force anybody to accept the message.

Nuns belong to different orders. Which one do you belong to?

I’ve said I belong to a special monastic order.

Is it part of the Catholic Church?

It is part of the Catholic Church; it cannot be outside the Catholic Church. Mary is the mother of the Catholic Church and this is Marian Centre.

Were you a virgin at the time you became a nun? Put differently, are you a virgin?

I don’t want to elevate myself. God knows what I am.

Before you become a nun, you must do nun surveillance and pass through some processes. In other words, did you meet the prerequisites for becoming a Catholic Sister or nun?

I’m a professed religious sister. I’m a nun.

That is to say, you are a self-styled reverend sister?

No, not self-styled. I’m a nun and nothing else is important now except the message of God.

We really want you to talk about yourself so that people will not think it is a fairy tale…

Those who want to believe should believe and those who don’t want to believe will not be forced by anybody because Jesus said that as it was in the beginning, it would happen again. During the time of Noah, people were dancing and getting married when God warned them to prepare that there would be deluge, that He would destroy the world. Many did not believe but it happened.

Did you ever do a secular job? Did you work in an office?

I taught in many places but that is not important. When I returned from the United States, I did my youth service at Nsukka, Enugu State. Then I came to Anambra State, but the important thing is the messages of the Lord. I worked until a few years ago.

How is Marian Centre funded?

It has not been publicised. I’ve been concentrating on writing, doing prayer and penance. I do farming to sustain myself. Occasionally, people give alms.

Are your brothers supporting your ministry in any manner?

They are encouraging me.

As a child, was there anything that stood you out from your peers?

I noticed that, before anything would happen, I would know. I thought everybody was like that but as time went on, I realised that not everybody had that experience. So, I withdrew and kept to myself; I stopped talking about my experiences to people. 

Did you tell your parents when those things were happening? If you did, what was their reaction?

Yes, I relayed some of them to my parents. My grandfather had the gift of vision and my father also had. So, it wasn’t a surprise.

Can you mention one specific occurrence in those days?

Before the Nigeria/Biafra civil war, God, the Father, appeared to me here. It was the apparition that I saw as a young girl.

How did you recognise God because nobody has seen Him?

Immediately He appears, God will put it in your mind and tell you whatever He wants and you will know.

Was it the same thing that happened when Jesus appeared to you first?

When Jesus appeared on Easter eve, He showed me the wounds on his legs, hands and ribs. They were visible.

With which language does He communicate with you?

He uses English language, Igbo, my native language, and Latin language. And I don’t know Latin. So, when He does that, I’ll write it the way He pronounces it and look for priests, who are fluent in Latin, to help me translate.

As a seer, have you looked into your crystal ball, so to say, to know if Nigeria will break up or remain one entity?   

A seer does not see everything; you see what is shown to you. But I was given a warning early this year. I was shown a soldier in military uniform without a belt. His belt was lying beside him and he was talking to me in a language I did not understand. But I knew it was a warning message. God warned me, through him, to pray more and do more penance in order to avert war breaking out in Nigeria. So, I’ve continued praying and doing more penance. I believe the prayer has been heard because there were ominous signs not long ago.

Do you have healing powers? Do you pray for sick people and they become well?

That is one of the first gifts God gave to me; it’s a supernatural gift. It is a gift above nature. I pray for people and they get well. I heal people suffering stroke and other sicknesses, both spiritual and physical. God also gave me the power to disarm the Devil and bring out souls. I’ve brought out many people in secret societies, including Ogboni. I gave them prayer and they denied it, and they are alive, nothing happened to them.

Without an Ogboni member or occultist confessing, can you recognise such a person?

Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, my inner self, the God within, will let me know. You also know them by their stickers, rings and mannerism. I met one boy at a bank and I had some feelings about him and I called him out of the queue. I told him that I didn’t know which secret society he belonged but that the God within was telling me he belongs to one. He said that he belonged to one but he was opting out. He said that his progress had been distorted while his mates had gone far ahead.

I have been with you for more than one hour now. Can you assess me spiritually?

I don’t need to assess you spiritually, but for coming here on a Sunday, I take it that you are not serious with your God. Because, if you are serious, you won’t come today, thereby encouraging drivers that operate on Sundays. It pains our Lord; it is one of the core messages that people desecrate the Lord’s Day. The drivers that operate on Sunday don’t go to worship God because they are being patronised. So, you should be more serious with your God. Don’t use Sunday for business.

Why did you decide to stay in the village instead of coming out where more people can benefit from your gifts?

Our Lady appeared here and said that this is her family, and Jesus wants me to be here. I had wanted to go to other places but He didn’t want me to go. He gave the name, Marian Centre, Ubulu Ihejiofor. Jesus wrote the name on a banner, brought it here and showed it to me. It was a mystical banner; after showing to me, He disappeared with it. People will benefit because He has made here a pilgrimage centre and the whole world will come here. The way people go to Rome or Jerusalem is the same way they will come here.

Nigeria is blessed with human and material resources yet the people lack. Is there hope for the country?

I’m a positive thinker and I know that there is hope. As soon as people stop bribery and corruption in high and low places, the changes will be felt. You may commit sin behind closed doors but God is recording it. If you hide from human beings, you cannot hide from God. Nigerians have to turn away from their evil ways to enjoy the blessings of God in abundance.

What would be your message to the world at this point in time?

My message to the world would be the message of Jesus. He said I should tell the world that His second coming is near and that they should repent of their sins and go for sacramental confession, not private confession. They should confess their sins before a priest of the holy Catholic Church and pray the rosary daily to save their souls from hell.


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