The tweet of an Abuja-based lady simply known as Josephine, who dumped her partner because he refused to support her favorite presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 general elections, aroused social media comments.

Josephine, a fervent supporter of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi, announced her breakup on Twitter, calling her partner a “dummy.”

The lady stated that she could no longer date such a man, particularly because he has refused to support her favorite presidential candidate.

She wrote; ”So I ended my relationship today because my boyfriend has refused to support @PeterObi, I can’t be dating a dummy,”

While some Nigerians applauded her, others condemned the action.

Some of the reactions below;

One Captain TEEZY wrote; ‘Shows you didn’t love the guy in the first place.. How will you end your relationship because someone didn’t support your candidate? 😏😏

One ChidiebereEzia1 wrote; ‘‘Peter Obi is not her candidate, Peter Obi is the candidate. You better be Obidient for that regular thrust. But which boyfriend go leave Peter Obi go dey support another candidate. Na ment?”

One Imam of vawulence wrote; ”If he doesn’t then he will try again after 4years,shey Atiku has been loosing since…she made the right decision.”

Busuyi Williams wrote; ”Please don’t do that. All of us want good Nigeria, instead keep giving him the reason to support @PeterObi I use to tell people that most of us won’t beleive till the last minute because all what he’s doing is unreal in Nigeria politics.”

Adeola-Omo-Oba wrote; ”So assuming you are married and he supports another candidate, you will divorce him? 😏 Everyone has the right to support whoever they wish to support. We all have right to our own opinion.”


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