The Indigenous People of Biafra have warned criminals not to use their name to commit crimes in the South-East.
The secessionist group distanced itself from the criminals, claiming that it was never a part of or responsible for the region’s ongoing insecurity and criminality.

In a statement on Thursday, the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said IPOB formed and inaugurated ESN to checkmate terrorist activities in the region and would never get involved in evil acts such as kidnapping for ransom.

Powerful said the group is working towards exposing to the public those behind the ongoing criminalities in Anambra, Enugu, and Imo states.
It said, “Those behind these devilish activities are neither IPOB nor ESN members as always unfortunately alleged, and we cannot allow them to succeed in our land.

“In Abia State particularly, a certain Nkechi Kalu and her gang of about eight kidnap gangs operating between Abia State and Igweocha, Rivers State are not IPOB members, they and their activities should not be associated with ‘IPOB family’ membership.

“In Enugu State, a certain group of criminal elements turned themselves into enemies of the people, the names of their gang leaders are as follows; Chocho and Mazi Ejiofor; [they] are not IPOB members and anybody associating with them is a confirmed criminal.
“The above-named persons who were formerly IPOB members were expelled as a result of indiscipline and insubordination which is not tolerated by IPOB leadership.”

The group said the people behind the killings and kidnappings in the region are not members of IPOB and do not represent its cherished values.

The group claimed that some of the names listed were masterminds of kidnappings in and around Nnewi North LGA, Nnewi South, Ekwulobia Aguata and other places in Anambra State.

“In Anambra State, our painstaking investigation revealed the kidnapping syndicates gang leaders as Mazi Chijioke Aloy Emechie (pastor), Uchenna Nnadi, Nwamamiwater, Michael and Mark Okpulor. These men are also not members of IPOB and do not represent the cherished values of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

“It is evidently certain that the above-mentioned persons were masterminds of kidnappings in and around Nnewi North LGA, Nnewi South, Ekwulobia Aguata and other places in Anambra State, anybody that comes across them should treat them as criminal that they are.

“The above-mentioned people who recently joined IPOB came with very dubious and criminal intents. However, our well-tested and trusted guiding principles exposed their ulterior intent and motive and were unworthy of being part of the noble IPOB family and were therefore expelled to avoid contamination with disciplined members of IPOB,” the statement read.


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